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There is a LOT happening at our brokerage ... and we want to keep you updated on a regular basis through our blog!

For those of you who have known us for years, you already recognize that even our name "Provident Living" is directly related to our brokerage’s mission to inform and education buyers/sellers on various and detailed aspects of the real estate market so you can prepare carefully for the well-being of your families.  Through this ongoing information process, our goal is to enable and help you, as best we can, to make prudent and wise decisions in your home buying/selling experiences .. decisions that will foster self-reliance and growth and protection for you and your families for years to come! 

Our agents’ training spans a wide range of topics … all of which strengthen our ability to help our buyers/sellers in a myriad of ways.  Our agents include those who are EcoBroker Certified (green homes), Transnational Referral Certified (we have long-term relationships with our international buyers), Accredited Buyer’s Representatives, Five Star Professionals (with sub-designations in both foreclosures and short sales) and many other designations related to working with distressed properties.  Over the last several years, when the economy bottomed out, we have helped many clients navigate the murky waters of having their homes in upside-down mortgage situations and were able to keep most of them from going into foreclosure.  We have a long working relationship history with the US Bankruptcy Court for the Western Division of NC and enjoy the distinct challenges that are entrusted to us by the Trustees in these transactions!

Our agents have a wide range of personal backgrounds, too.  Some of us are “Baby Boomers,” born into military families at the end of WWII … and, as a result, we have a high regard and affection for our returning veterans and are able to work closely with them to fulfill their housing transition back to civilian life (…our property management division prides itself on providing services to deployed military personnel, so we are looking after their homes while they are overseas protecting our country …).  Others are “Generation X” with their unique role in today’s history of becoming parents to their aging parents, which in turn gives them a compassionate understanding of how to work well with multi-generational families.  Others reach out to “The Millennials” … an 80,000,000 person (40% of the US population) group that has a distinct real estate presence and specific needs of its own!

Our agents include a physicist, a private pilot, SCUBA divers, archeological enthusiasts (including participation in digs in Israel), photographers, American history buffs, NASCAR family members, and those with entrepreneurial backgrounds - and all have a lifelong passion for education and continued learning!  As broker/owner of the company, I bring a decades-long entrepreneurial background to the mix that includes being a graduate of Leadership Charlotte and a former “Charlotte Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year.” 

Our agents are a well-traveled (national and international) group, too, which aids us in working with international clients.  Some of the countries our agents have lived/worked/traveled extensively in (not merely gone on vacations! LOL!) include: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Finland, The Netherlands, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, England, China, and Cuba.

We have recently been named as the Piedmont region’s agent of choice for the Glenn Beck "Real Estate Agents I Trust" Network .. an accomplishment of which we are very proud.  We know that we will be able to reach buyers/sellers who hold the same constitutional conservative values that we do; including those who have been searching for an agent who reflects their values. 

All in all, you will find us to be a diverse, interesting, fun-loving (and funny) group of individuals who have come together with a common purpose and goal … that of providing YOU, who live/work/travel in the Piedmont region of NC, with the very best real estate buying/selling experience available.

So, come visit us online, and don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media mechanism that works for you!  We look forward to being of service to you, now and in the years to come!